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Engaging Your Senses while Working From Home

More than a year into this lockdown, we may have already encountered a lot of setbacks as we continue to work from our homes. Some may have difficulties keeping themselves focused, while others are challenged to draw the line between work and personal time.

It is important to design spaces that boost productivity at the same time, create clear boundaries for relaxation. The key to this approach is conditioning your mind through engaging the senses.


Curate a separate space to prompt yourself that whenever you are in that area, you mean business. Make sure you have everything you need around so you don’t have to change locations throughout the day, except when taking breaks. Confine your work within that area only and leave it at the end of the day.


Create separate playlists for productivity and relaxation. Put on your work tunes to prepare for work and switch to easy beats as you begin to wind down.


Smells are known to stimulate the limbic system which affects our levels of arousal. Assign a “work perfume” to embody a sense of confidence and determination when sprayed on. Find a fragrance to match your personality or intention HERE.

Unsure about how the fragrance would smell on you? Experience our fragrances before committing to a full bottle through our Fragrance Palette HERE.

You may also use home fragrances to instantly change your mood and put clear delineations between work and relaxation. Citrus scents can help you stay alert, making you more productive. As the day closes, spray on warm scents like lavender and vanilla to alleviate anxiety, relieve stress and calm the nerves. Discover some effective home fragrances HERE.

In this period when it is easy to lose motivation and inspiration, let’s harness the strength of our minds by creatively working with our senses. Enjoy!

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