A perfumed installation at Art in the Park. 


The oversized perfume bottle represents a myriad of objects exploring the possibility of bottling many things tangible and intangible. Arising from the bottle are scented bubbles as if the molecules are magnified with every spray of a perfume. It is an invitation to release ourselves from our conscious thoughts and to channel an intimate experience through our feelings.


The molecules travel through air until they touch people intimately- from, “It smells good” and “it smells like sampaguita, lemon and grass” to “I remember the first time I fell in love” or “it makes me feel nostalgic” and even “it takes me to my favorite holiday spot”


There might be common themes, but each story is different. The Enigma of Scent, in its mystery, evokes the unconscious -- both personal and collective.


It likewise demonstrates how a tiny drop of perfume can have a far reaching effect- measured not just in distance but in the very depth of one's humanity.



Ayala Museum


In celebration of Julio Nakpil's 100th birth year, a special concert by the Manila Symphony Orchestra was held at the Ayala Museum. 

The repertoire featured notable pieces of the famed composer including Ylang-Ylang. As the music played, the scent of ylang-ylang filled the hall to give the listeners a unique sensory  experience. 

For this collaboration, Oscar Mejia III also  developed two exclusive scents: Malaya, a Reed Diffuser Home Fragrance and Brisas de Ylang Ylang Eau de Toilette. Both scents were incorporated in a month-long olfactory exhibit.