I create fragrances because I am passionate about scents.


Raised in an orchid farm in Davao City, I have always been intrigued by the scent of flowers and plants.

And they have become my language to express my feelings and emotions. I believe that scent captures

my purest desires and intentions.



I create fragrances as an expression of Filpino art.


In the late 1800s the Philippines was considered Reina de las Perfumes en Asia- Queen of Perfumes in Asia.  Locally-made perfumes were sold in Europe while European perfume houses created fine fragrances especially for the Philippine Market. In 1880, Philippine ylang-ylang oil created a sensation at the Paris Exposition earning a gold medal for its spellbinding scent. This resulted to the use of our ylang-ylang oil in famous perfumes including the early versions of Chanel No. 5.


It has been my mission to put us back into the global arena of fine fragrances. I wish to be at the forefront of enlivening this forgotten art where every whiff is a celebration of what is uniquely Filipino. 


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