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Ginger Tea

Indulge in aroma of freshly brewed ginger tea sweetened with golden honey and lightly spiced with cinnamon. A scent that brings the comfort, confidence and warmth of home.

With notes of olive, green tea, gardenia, ginger, cinnamon, lemon and vanilla.

Sun Soak

A remarkable blend of aquatic freshness, sweet and tangy citrus, a hint of sun tan and rawness of sun-kissed olive skin. Truly a beach in a bottle.

With notes of bergamot, olive, patchouli, lavender, ginger and lime.

Morning Mist

A cool, clean and crisp feeling of baby cologne refined by notes of lemon, bergamot and freshly cut grass. A scent that takes you to cold showers, a dip in the pool or by a running stream.

With notes of bergamot, lemon and lemongrass.

Powder and Petals

Opens with the freshness of talc and a luxurious floral symphony that leaves a subtle velvety feel of sampaguita and creamy vanilla. Sophisticated yet elegant, it brings and air familiarity with a veil of mystery.

With notes of sampaguita, green tea, geranium, vanilla and apple.

Agva Flora

Calm your senses and restore the balance of energies in a pool covered with petals of geranium and gardenia that will leave you feeling clean, fresh and revitalized. It prepares you for a journey of self-awakening and discovery

With notes of geranium, gardenia, bergamot and green tea.



An exquisite fragrance collection inspired by gods and goddesses of Philippine folklore.

A celebration of our pre-colonial heritage teeming with magic, enchantment, and mysticism.

A retelling of stories through unique olfactory experiences.


A scent of distinct sophistication that speaks of strength in benevolence. 

Crisp notes of petitgrain and bergamot are given depth with velvety and creamy gardenia. It rests on a deep, soulful mélange of vetiver, patchouli and sandalwood- rounded up by golden notes of amber to makes the fragrance glow from within.


Inspired by Lakapati, Goddess of fertility and agriculture, she holds the energy of mother and leader: gracious, life-giving, fierce yet fair and wise.

Golden, regal and powerfully feminine.


 An apparition in human likeness.


The notes of sandalwood and musk recreate the scent of delicate raw skin- warm, familiar human. Yet enrobed with notes of frozen lime, midnight jasmine and white tea 

as if this delicate flesh is clothed in a soft glow of white light- icy, distant, divine.


Inspired by the boy moon deity Bulan. Known as an extremely lovely adolescent boy with fair skin, lithe body, comely features and eyes as black as night. He embodies youthful idealism yet with a penchant for human sensuality.


Luminous, ethereal, a lover of the pleasures of life.


A scent that embodies the masculine in its fullness.


Rich aroma of tea laced with hints of dark chocolate is set against the earthy notes of cedar and sandalwood that seemingly levitates in a veil of freshly-cut tobacco.


Inspired by Sidapa- a fierce dark god of life and death. He exudes confidence and authority which could elicit fear. But like a king, he is just, decisive, full of wisdom and grounded on integrity.


Strong-willed, powerful yet virtuous.


A tempting yet dangerous enchantment


Classic rose and geranium are made seductive and dirty by notes of leather, cinnamon, musk and, cedarwood to create a scent of deep unexplainable attraction.


Inspired by Diyan Masalanta, the Philippine goddess of love, who is also known as Maria Makiling, the enchantress of the mountains. She is a gracious

provider but also a spurned lover. She possesses beauty that is hypnotic- a fulfillment of a man’s desires yet not without a lingering danger.


Daring. Alluring. Not for the faint-hearted