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Improve Your Mood with these Fragrances

This pandemic has given us a rollercoaster of emotions. One moment we are fine then suddenly, we feel uninspired without really knowing why.

The sense of smell has a powerful ability to engage our brain and fragrances considered to be instant mood-shifters. I have selected a few fragrances to match your lockdown moods:

Mood: Feeling Anxious

The Fragrance: Lakan Eau de Toilette

The rich aroma of tea laced with hints of dark chocolate against the earthy notes of cedar and sandalwood will give you a sense of levitating in a cloud of bliss and relaxation. Discover Lakan HERE.

Mood: Feeling Uncertain

The Fragrance: Lakambini Eau de Toilette

Glow from within with crisp notes of petitgrain and bergamot, silky gardenia and boldness of vetiver and patchouli to have you feeling like a million bucks! Discover Lakambini HERE.

Mood: Feeling Sexy

The Fragrance: Diwata Eau de Toilette

Seductive notes of rose and geranium are made enchanting by notes of leather, cinnamon, musk and, cedarwood to create an aura of attraction. Discover Diwata HERE.

Mood: Wanderlust

The Fragrance: Bulan Eau de Toilette

Frozen lime, midnight jasmine and white tea will allow you to channel youthful enthusiasm and feel the rush of a new adventure. Discover Bulan HERE.

Unsure about how the fragrance would smell on you? Experience our fragrances before committing to a full bottle through our Fragrance Palette HERE.


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