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How I Begin My Creative Journey

The summer months are truly exciting because this is the season when I begin to set my vision in motion and start an intimate process of creating new fragrances.

As we entered 2023, I introduced the theme of Nostalgia to encourage reverence for the past, gratefulness for the present, and hope for the future. Contemplating on Nostalgia, I desire to create a collection that draws us back to our purest emotions: a sense of yearning, a desire for peace and grounding, and an exhilaration of dreaming.

As an artist and perfumer, my process begins with a creation of a vision board that gathers all the inspiration that I want to “bottle” . It allows me to dwell on particular emotions so the fragrances do not only smell good- they also tell stories and enrich the human experience.

I am pleased to share with you the boards I have created for the upcoming collection.

May these inspirations of our forthcoming fragrances excite you and create an anticipation to #CelebrateTheScentofLife anew.


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