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Enriching Lives through Fragrances

Fragrances do more than simply please the nose. They have a profound influence on our well-being— affecting our mood and disposition towards experiences.

My desire to continually create fragrances stems from how I have always made them an integral part of my day. As a young boy, I would always turn to fragrances to uplift my spirit and channel greater confidence.

I am not only talking about perfumes- my love affair with fragrances includes spritzing room fragrances, lighting candles and burning incense and oils. And of course, the natural fragrance of fresh flowers that have always been present in my childhood. All of these were seemingly appointed to make every moment special.

My father and I in our orchid and cut-flower farm in Davao.

I would love to share a few tips on how you can integrate fragrances into your daily life so that you may also enjoy their life-giving magic:


Citruses are known to infuse freshness and vitality. It energizes the soul and relieves stress and anxiety.

Use Sigla Home Fragrance (Spray or Soy Candle) to bring some motivation into your work spaces or spray on Morning Mist Eau de Toilette to lift your mood.


Lavender calms your senses and steers you away from a depressive mood

Use Himbing Home Fragrance (Spray or Soy Candle) in your bedroom to help you sleep better or spray on Kahilom Eau de Toilette whenever you feel tensed.


Sandalwood carries with it the power to quiet the mind and promote a sense of peace and clarity

Use Sibol Home Fragrance (Spray or Soy Candle) in your living room to bring comfort to your guests or spray on Lakan Eau de Toilette to place your heart at ease.

It is my hope that these fragrances bring enrich your lives and bring you authentic JOY!


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