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Get the most out of your candles

Candles are a great way to enhance your mood and the ambience of your personal space. I always say lighting candles is a total sensory experience brought by the gentle amber glow, its crackling sound from the burning wood wick and of course, the fragrance that envelopes you and takes you to a different world.

Creating candles is a meticulous process involving precise steps and ideal conditions. As such, special ways are also necessary to care for them. This will guarantee their longevity for you enjoy the benefits that they bring.

Trim the Candle Wick

For a clean and even burn, keep the wick at the right length of about 0.25 inches. Use scissors or a wick trimmer to neatly trim it before burning. A long wick may cause sooting, while a short wick can “drown” in melted wax and fail to light.

The First Burn Time is Crucial

Candle wax has memory. When you light a candle for the first time, ensure the entire surface of the candle melts before you put it out. This prevents tunneling where a rim of solid wax never ends up melting even at succeeding burns.

Pick the right spot

Winds can cause the candle to burn unevenly which lead to tunneling. As such, keep it away from windows, air vents or drafts. If you notice the flame flickering or the wax tunneling, move the candle to a place with less air movement.

Put Candles on a Heat Resistant Surface

Candle containers can get hot and could possibly damage your furniture. Placing your candle on a tray prevents this and adds another layer of protection so surrounding objects will not catch fire.

Burn Candles for 3 to 4 Hours at a Time

Fragrance is diffused as it evaporates from the pool of hot wax. So the larger the pool, the more scent it can throw. Short burning times will not give you the optimal fragrance experience. Excessive heat from prolonged burning times, on the other hand, can damage the fragrance oils and can cause your candle to produce soot.

Put out Your Candles Carefully

Blowing a candle out works but blowing too hard can cause the wax to splatter- wasting it and creating a mess for you to clean up. A snuffer will allow you to put out the flame neatly, safely and in style!

Is it Time to Say Goodbye?

Refrain from using the candle before the wax completely runs out to avoid overheating and damaging the container. At 0.5 inches of wax left, you have already maximized its use and life!

Reusable containers such as our Dalampasigan Artisan Candle Set may be brought back to us for refill. Or you may clean them, reuse for other purposes and give the vessels another life.

Candles bring illumination not just to our spaces but to our souls as well. With proper care, I wish that you continue to find joy and warmth lighting and bringing them to life.


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