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Building A Fragrance Wardrobe

Fragrance is very much an accessory like your clothes, bags, shoes and choice of jewelry. It creates for you a personal statement that you want to convey to yourself and even others. You can use it to enhance your mood or project an air of confidence when facing people. And with the sense of smell being the most formidable among all senses, you will want to use the power of scents to create a lasting impact!

As a lover of scents I have worn a lot of fragrances growing up. When I was young, I would sneak spritz of whatever my Mom had in her closet: Estee Lauder’s Beautiful, Pleasures and Beyond Paradise, Calvin Klein’s Eternity and Miracle by Lancome. Growing up, when I had developed my personal preferences, I would rotate between L’eau d’ Issey by Issey Miyake, Bulgari Blu, Kenzo L’eau, and Perry Ellis 360. And while I am blessed to get to make whatever scent I feel like wearing, I still hold on to a few favorites like Santa Maria Novella’s Angeli de Firenze, Acca Kappa’s Muschio Bianco and Serge Luten’s Santal Blanc.

While most people are on a quest to find their “signature scent”, some choose to be more playful by creating a fragrance wardrobe- a collection of fragrances to match one’s mood, personality and even the type of occasion to wear them. Nothing excites me more than deciding on what scent to wear every day. When I feel a little under the weather, citrus scents are an instant pick-me-upper. I finish off with floral or amber scents when I get ready for formal events while saccharine fragrances are my go-to for casual meet up with friends. Having a fragrance wardrobe, thus allows me to take control of how I feel and how I relate to other people.

But how could you begin building a fragrance wardrobe? Here are a few tips:

Match your Personality

The easiest way to build a fragrance wardrobe is by matching it to your personality. People who are bubbly tend to prefer citrus scents so start your collection by looking at fragrances with hints of lemon, verbena, fresh bamboo or aquatic notes. Curious about what scent family will match your personality? Take our quick assessment HERE.

Align your mood to the moment

Scents can help you get into the moment. Spray on fresh fragrances when going outdoors, sweet scents for a night out, woody scents for business meetings and floral scents for a romantic date.

Make every perfume personal

Don’t just settle for what is popular or in-season. Create your own story around each scent. Buy a bottle to celebrate a milestone or consider buying fragrances a souvenirs for your trips. I have this habit of taking home a small bottle of perfume from places I travel to so whenever I wear them, I get to relive all wonderful memories and experiences.

Discover your own

Fragrance sets allow you to get small quantities that you can mix and match to multiply your scent options instantly! HINT: our Discovery Set allows you to try 4 fragrances. And feel free to follow a few curated recommendations on what fragrances would go perfectly when worn together. Check them out HERE.

The sense of smell definitely has its ways of making life more beautiful- filling each day with excitement, giving you an extra push of determination and even getting people to rally behind you. And building a fragrance wardrobe can help you begin a journey towards harnessing these powers. Have fun!


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