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Escape with these Artisan Fragrances

We all have strong feelings of wanderlust nowadays. With months into the lockdown and without a clear horizon as to when this could end, allow me to take you to places and experiences you may have missed through a selection of our fragrances.

What you miss: The café

The Fragrance: Ginger Tea Eau de Toilette

Whether to work or lounge with friends, the vibrant energy of a café keeps us inspired and motivated. The aroma of freshly brewed ginger tea sweetened with golden honey and lightly spiced with cinnamon will surely bring you comfort, confidence and warmth of home. Discover Ginger Tea HERE.

What you miss: the night life

The Fragrance: Powder & Petals Eau de Toilette

Feel like a woman about town strutting in your sexy stilettos with the freshness of talc, luxurious floral bouquet of sampaguita and creamy vanilla. Discover Powder & Petals HERE.

What you miss: The beach

The Fragrance: Sun Soak Eau de Toilette

Bask in the aroma of the sea with hints of sun tan and rawness of sun-kissed olive skin. Truly a beach in a bottle! Discover Sun Soak HERE.

What you miss: The mountains

The Fragrance: Morning Mist Eau de Toilette

Take a dip from a running stream surrounded by lush forests with cool, clean and crisp notes of lemon, bergamot and freshly cut leaves. Discover Morning Mist HERE.

What you miss: The spa

The Fragrance: Agva Flora Eau de Toilette

Take a long bath in a pool covered with petals of geranium and gardenia to restore the balance of energies and leave you feeling clean, fresh and revitalized. Discover Agva Flora HERE.

Unsure about how the fragrance would smell on you? Experience our fragrances before committing to a full bottle through our Fragrance Palette HERE.


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