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Make Your Brand Stand Out

The sense of smell has long been considered extremely powerful as it has the ability to conjure memories, positive emotions, thoughts, and even behaviors.

In recent years, more companies have considered scent as the “Last Branding Frontier”. With a person breathing 22,000 times in a day, that is the same number of times you can offer a unique experience through Olfactory Branding.

What is Olfactory Branding?

The idea behind Olfactory Branding lies in capturing the elements of your brand such a colors, values and traits and converting them into a pleasant smell. The scent is then infused in stores or properties as well as in products or giveaways. Done correctly, Olfactory Branding offers a positive experience that can boost product confidence, value perception, sales, and customer loyalty.

Why is the Sense of Smell so Powerful?

The sense of smell is processed in a special part of the brain called the limbic system— the same area where emotions and memories are formed. As such, smells can directly influence how someone thinks, feels and remembers. Olfactory Branding therefore is powerful as it discretely appeals to the emotions of your customers and associates positive feelings to your brand.

By infusing a custom fragrance in your property, you instantly create strong connections with your clients. Give those scents as gifts such as room sprays, candles or diffusers, then they can take the experience home and remember your brand at every whiff.

Working with Top Brands

I am privileged to have worked with some of the top brands and luxury properties in developing their bespoke fragrances. The process begins with a careful study of the brand DNA and mindfully developing fragrances that are consistent, pleasant and that will leave a subtle yet memorable mark on the customers.

Some of these include Bai Hotel and Alviera Country Club where local elements and plants endemic to their location such as bamboo and vetiver have been utilized for their scents. For Aboitiz Land, I developed a sun block inspired scent for the showroom of their beach property to give their guests a total seaside experience.

Left : The lobby of Bai Hotel in Cebu infused with scent to reflect the warmth and hospitality of the Cebuanos.

Right: The showroom of SeaFront Residences scented with sunblock fragrance to inspire clients of the good life they can have when they purchase a beach property.

I also developed bespoke scented products for Mini, Radisson Blu, Amanpulo, The Mind Museum, Ayala Museum and Unilab Sekaya-each satisfying the objective of creating intimate connection with their products and services.

The special gift set made for Unilab Sekaya features a calming home fragrance spray and reed diffuser to complement their sleep enhancing supplements.

Just like music, color scheme and decors, scent has been a proven brand asset and standard. In an age where it is becoming more and more difficult to stand out, fragrances will allow you to differentiate your brand emotionally and memorably.

Start maximizing the power of fragrances for your brand today. Download THIS for more information or email us at


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