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The Art of Scentscaping: Keeping your Home a Sanctuary

Our homes have evolved to become not just a place of rest as it has also been centers of productivity. While some have dedicated work spaces, others have found it challenging to achieve life balance simply because their physical set up has blurred the lines between grind and relaxation. The pandemic has since then brought to light the importance of keeping a place we can consider as our refuge.

One great way to ease the discomfort of being stuck at home is through the art of scentscaping. This involves the use of fragrances to revitalize an environment and create richer personal experiences. Studies have shown that breathing a different fragrance not only reduces stress, it also turns your emotions around keeping you constantly joyful, inspired and content.

Some of our loyal patrons have shared how they have used our Himbing and Sigla for their own Scentscaping rituals. At the beginning of the day, they spray on Sigla and its energizing citrus notes keep them alert and productive. As soon as the sun sets, they spritz on Himbing to signal their bodies that it is time wind down and focus on their personal lives.

Himbing and Sigla Home Fragrances. Hand-Poured Soy Candles are also available

During the pandemic, I also created new fragrances envisioned to help you escape from the confines of your homes without actually taking a single step.

Emerge: Laya, Alab and Sibol Home Fragrance Sprays

Laya was inspired by pillowy white clouds to give you some moments of inspired day-dreaming. Sibol on the other hand gives you a feeling of comfort and certitude with fresh woody and green notes. Alab takes you to a secret garden where fresh fruits and silky petals fuel your zest for life.

Our Laya. Sibol and Alab also comes in Hand Poured Soy Candles with Wooden Wick

These fragrances were designed for you to do your own art of scentscaping too! Use Sibol in the living room, Laya in the bedroom and Alab in the kitchen and dining room. So as you walk from one part of your house to the next, your senses are constantly refreshed and your spirits are enlivened.

I also collaborated with pottery artist, Jezzel Wee, to create a collection of candle sets inspired by the Philippine gardens and our pristine shores. Not only do they smell good, they are also works of art adding flair to your private spaces.

Oscar Mejia III x Jezzel Wee Artisan Candle Set in Hardin and Dalampasigan: Each gift box comes with a handmade candle holder, plate and flame snufffer. Available in limited numbered sets with Certificate of Authenticity. No two sets are alike.

We are designed to constantly evolve and create change. And while options to move around are still limited, allow fragrances to offer a welcome change in your atmosphere and keep your homes a sanctuary.

Discover our home fragrances and do your own art of scentscaping HERE


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